Photo cred: The lovely photographers of  Birth Becomes Her

Photo cred: The lovely photographers of Birth Becomes Her


You Can’t “PLAN” Birth.

You may see the word “birth plan” on this site a lot, but the truth is we actually hate the term.

You can never “plan” birth.

Birth is unknowable and ever-changing. Each experience is an opportunity for something new. When we think of “planning” birth, it creates rigid thinking. Our brain says, “Ok. This is how it’s going to unfold and this is what I’ll prepare for.” So when something happens from out of left field, our brain panics. We didn’t prepare for that outcome.

Instead of thinking of your “plan” for your birth, think about shaping your preferences to fit different scenarios. This tells your brain, “Hey, I know this can go different ways, but I have the autonomy, flexibility, and resiliency to cope with it.”

Ask yourself:

  • What would I do if I was in labor for a long time and felt exhausted?

  • If my baby needed to come earlier than I anticipated, what would I like to have happen?

  • If I needed a cesarean birth, what would I want that to look like?

  • If I had planned on birthing out of the hospital but needed to transfer, how can I communicate my needs to hospital staff?

The great thing about Motherboard’s platform is that you can create different Motherboards for different scenarios. Build the Boards that are right for you!