What is the timeline for [M]otherboard?


November 5, 2018

Parent content launched

January 1, 2019

Partner and Affiliate programs launched

January - June 2019

Raise funds to build Phase 2 development (integrations for hospitals and providers) 

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What are [M]otherboard’s different customers?

What services are offered?

  • Free content - All the birth topics currently accessible to everyone.

  • Parents - Memberships to create a Motherboard and collaborate with care team (price varies by use).

  • Educators and Health Professionals - Licenses for Educator Bundles, Affiliate and Partner Programs (price varies by use). Offerings focus on supporting birth workers and other health professionals. Tools include client memberships, professional collaboration, educational material, business promotion, and more.

  • Providers – Future development will focus on building dashboards for providers to better communicate with their patients and view birthing preferences prenatally and during birth.

  • Hospitals – Future development will focus on ability to bring up a family's Motherboard when they check in during labor.  Integrating [M]otherboard preferences and education on the floor to help families make decisions.

  • Insurance Companies – Future development to integrate [M]otherboard into their portals to give their customers access to Motherboard's content.

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How are [M]otherboard’s different services priced?

A detailed breakdown of Parent pricing can be found here.

A detailed breakdown of Professional memberships can be found here.

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Why can’t I choose more than 15 options for my [M]otherboard?

Studies have found that if parents have more than 15 options their satisfaction rates actually go down. Birth plans aren’t intended to be a laundry list contract of everything you want. They are meant to communicate your most important wishes. [M]otherboards get back to the heart of what birth “plans” were meant to be.

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What kinds of things are developers building next?

We are building dashboards for providers and hospitals to be able to securely message their patients, add feedback to our content, and bring up a family's Motherboard at the hospital when they check in in labor.  Provider buy-in is incredibly important to lasting, meaningful change.