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Patient education at Your fingertips.

We know how hard it is to explain anatomy, physiologic birth, and all available options within a limited (and shrinking) amount of time at the bedside.

iDecide, our Provider tool, streamlines and standardizes the information families need to make truly informed decisions.

We help you use your precious time to build relationships and answer patient-specific questions, rather than explaining what a cervix is.


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  • Induction - Reasons, physiology, methods, benefits, and risks.

  • Labor - Epidurals, nitrous, IV pain meds, monitoring, cervical exams, IV fluids, eating/drinking, GBS, and AROM.

  • Coping with Labor - Great for patients and their partners! Browse comfort measures from position changes to breathing to easing back labor.

  • Birth - VBAC, cesarean, ECV, and assisted birth (forceps, vacuum, and episiotomy).

  • Postpartum - Enhance your discharge instructions and get families back in for care ASAP if they’re experiencing complications.



  • Must be a care provider (obstetrician, midwife, or family practice doctor)

  • Commit to utilizing the iDecide tool in clinic and on the floor according to the Pilot Menu Item chosen (three options, see Pilot Proposal)

  • Must use iDecide consistently for the amount of time chosen (1 Week - 3 Months)

  • Need to commit to completing a brief pre- and post-pilot survey online



Helping you,
help better

  • Better patient engagement

  • Streamlined informed choice

  • Same information to every family, whether you’re busy or not

  • Mitigate liability by explaining benefits, risks, and alternatives to every option

  • Better patient satisfaction

  • Higher HCAHP scores

  • Market differentiation - Be a health tech leader

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Enhance discharge instructions and get families back in for care ASAP if they’re experiencing complications.

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