[M]otherboard Partners with Firepoint Studios

We are excited to announce our partnership with Firepoint Studios, an all-inclusive health tech ecosystem in Denver, CO. Their dedicated team of strategists, programmers, and influencers will be helping us build [M]otherboard from the ground up. They bring on even more connections, experience, passion, and dedication to disrupting the changing landscape of healthcare.

With Firepoint our team is stronger than ever. Our CEO and Founder, Amy Haderer, brings expertise of the birth world through ten years experience with as a doula (childbirth assistant). Co-Founder Andy Drogo will be using his passion for design and UI/UX to ensure [M]otherboard is as intuitive as possible. Tynan Szvetecz, managing partner of Firepoint and CEO of Commerce Kitchen development studio, will be serving as our fractional CFO. Paul Fisher, who is also passionate about supporting all sorts of birth options after his first son was born breech vaginally, is serving as our CFO.

We are so excited to share our hard work with you and believe this new partnership will take us into the future.

Amy Haderer