TYNAN Szvetecz


Tynan is a lifelong technologist, entrepreneur, and trusted advisor. His leadership in healthcare technology has been anchored over the last fourteen years in the technology consultancy he founded, Commerce Kitchen, which builds lean mobile and web-based software in Digital Health. The technology group has won multiple awards under Tynan’s leadership, and has supported innovative new healthcare platforms for Allscripts, DaVita, The University of Texas Medical Branch, Stallergenes Greer, and US Oncology. In order to bring sustainable technology innovation to these world-class organizations, Tynan has focused on building a cross-functional and dynamic partner ecosystem that enables delivering progressive technology at speed.

This partner ecosystem now fuels the digital health venture studio, Firepoint Studios, which Tynan is a founding partner of. Its capabilities span executive strategy & forecasting, business model development, agile change management, innovation readiness, HIPAA secure cloud-based platform development, and solution distribution.

Tynan is also an advisor to startups in San Francisco, CA, Denver, CO, and beyond, looking to interface with larger healthcare systems either as customers or partners. He advises startups through Boomtown and Innosphere in Colorado, and serves as a delegate for the Aspen Institute in its efforts to build startup cultures and innovation hubs in developing countries around the world.

Through it all, Tynan aims to bring innovation in quality of care, cost-containment, and quality of life to the clients and partners he works with. He is a passionate believer in teams and culture, and works side by side his teams to promote prosperity, employee autonomy, creative thinking, risk-taking, and the power of open communication.