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Because the best care is


Family-centered care


Not yoUR average birth plan.

[M]otherboard is where education meets collaboration and informed decision-making.  Our interactive software helps you create your personalized “[M]otherboard” (aka visual “birth plan”).

Research, select, and share your preferences with your whole team, anywhere, on any device.

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Our Mission

Improving birth for families…

It is our deepest wish that families move through birth informed and empowered, respectfully supported by their care team. In our failing health system, we believe that it’s vitally important that parents understand physiologic birth and know that they have options and autonomy to make informed decisions.

Improving birth for providers and care teams…

In order to make true, lasting change in birth, we must support and care for providers and birth teams as well.

Providers feel immense pressures:

  • Shrinking and precious-little time at the bedside

  • Legal

  • Liability insurance

  • Administrative

  • Patient education

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Outcomes

  • The immense responsibility of holding everyone’s health and safety in your own two hands

Our goal is to use our technology to ease some of the burden of education off of providers, allowing them to use their precious time to build relationships with their patients and answer individual-specific health questions.

Parents, Educators, and Providers…

We are your allies, team members, and cheerleaders. How can we support you?


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