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Because the best care is collaborative.


Family-centered care


Not ‘yo mama’s birth plan 

We believe the best care is collaborative

[M]otherboard is where education meets collaboration and informed decision-making.  Our interactive software helps you create your personalized “[M]otherboard” (aka visual “birth plan”).

Research, select, and share your preferences with your whole team, anywhere, on any device.

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Our Story


Amy - Birthing my three daughters ignited my passion for birth.  I wanted to help parents become less fearful about the birth process and feel completely supported throughout, so I became a doula.  There is nothing quite like witnessing a new human come into being.  It’s magic in a way that can’t be properly described.

Through my doula work I’ve had the privilege to support families in all sorts of situations:  hospitals, birth centers, home births, with midwives and doctors, water births, VBACs, cesareans… I often saw parents struggling to have their needs understood in a complex and hierarchical hospital system.

I met Andy in 2013 when he and his partner Jen hired me to be their doula for their first birth.  Andy, a graphic designer, created the first [M]otherboard for his own birth.  The hospital staff was instantly thrilled!  Finally, a way to take in a family’s birth preferences in a bright, easy way!  We knew we were onto something.

We are so excited to launch [M]otherboard to the world Nov 5, 2018! We are currently looking for care providers and hospitals to partner with to bring our software to their patients.

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