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[M]otherboard birth was launched with the goal to improve maternity care and reduce disparity through education, collaboration, and communication between parents and their care teams. The United States ranks dead last in the developed world in terms of maternal mortality. [M]otherboard’s platform contains succinct, evidence-based information surrounding common choices and procedures during the childbirth experience. Users will then be able to create a personalized [M]otherboard—a graphics based, one-page sheet of their top 15 birth preferences to share with their care team. 

Parents tend to be woefully unprepared for birth because it is hard to find easy-to-read, evidence-based, non-judgmental education that lays out birth options in a non-biased way. Furthermore, how parents communicate their preferences (birth plans) are poorly received by care teams because they are deemed too rigid, too demanding, and unrealistic. Parents often feel frustrated and unheard. 

[M]otherboard has created 70 evidence-based topics surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth, cesarean birth, the immediate postpartum, and common infant medications. This information flows from general to more specific details. Parents can decide when they’re “full” and ready to make decisions on that topic. Each section includes a benefits/risks section, as well as resources and other links. The resulting output is a beautiful and concise [M]otherboard. 

“Motherboard Birth helps you simply create a visually appealing birth plan with tons of useful information about all of the options a pregnant person has for their birth, baby, and postpartum. The website is beautiful and has so many wonderful nuggets of information available. I highly recommend this site for easily building your birth plan.”

--Jessica Wilson, Birth Doula and Manager at Full Eclipse Birth Services

 In addition, [M]otherboard offers Affiliate and Partner programs focusing on supporting birth workers and other health professionals. Tools include client memberships, professional collaboration, educational material, business promotion, and more.

Amy Haderer has been working on bringing [M]otherboard birth to the world since 2014. Her goal has always been to improve the birth experience for all birthing persons—regardless of race, identity, or income. To do this, [M]otherborad will improve the birth experience for providers and parents alike through use of its platform. [M]otherboard birth is going to create stronger, more bonded families and that is the foundation of a compassionate society. For more information visit motherboardbirth.com.


Product Descriptions

Sample Motherboard

Sample Motherboard

Collaborate with your whole Team

Collaborate with your whole Team

Anywhere, on any device

Anywhere, on any device

 [M]otherboard: A concise, easy to read, positively-phrased list of your most important birth preferences (a graphical “birth plan”). Available to download on any device as part of all parent memberships.

Collaboration with Birth Team: Give you birth team access to your [M]otherboard. Included with all parent memberships.

Private Prenatal Community: Access to private Slack group to communicate with other Motherboard parents. Available with select parent memberships.

Private Prenatal Consults: Private, online, video consultations with a birth professional. Included with select parent memberships.

Private Professionals Group: Access to private Slack group to communicate and collaborate with other Motherboard professionals. Includes professional development education. Available with professional memberships.

Motherboard Referral List: Motherboard partners listed prominently on website. Available with professional memberships.

Triple Aim: Motherboard’s philosophy to continuing professional development. Often birth professionals get certified and then do not know where to go from there. Motherboard strives to help them succeed by focusing on continuing education of the head, heart and business sustainability. Available with professional memberships.


A detailed breakdown of Parent options and pricing can be found here.

A detailed breakdown of Professional memberships can be found here.


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Amy Haderer

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Amy has been passionate about the birth world since her eldest daughter was born in 2006. In 2008 she decided to turn her passion into a career and became a doula (professional birth assistant). Since then she’s had the privilege of holding space for over 200 families as they journey through the rite of passage of birth and fall in love with their babies. She has been a certified labor doula (CLD) through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association) since 2009. Amy loves continually learning! Every family she works with, conference she attends, or article she reads teaches her more about her craft as a birth worker and businesswoman. 

Amy has struggled, strived, and worked tirelessly on [M]otherboard since 2013 because she believes wholeheartedly that we can make a real difference in the lives of birthing families. 

Amy has a wide range of experience including:

  • Hospital, birth center, home and water birth

  • Successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)

  • Using positions to turn malpositioned babies using techniques described in Spinning Babies® and the Miles Circuit (spinningbabies.com and milescircuit.com)

  • Sibling and Teen Support

  • Induction for medical reasons

  • Cesarean, including family centered cesarean

  • OBs, Midwives (both CNMs and CPMs), and Family Practice doctors

  • Medicated and unmedicated births

  • Surrogacy

Amy is also a professional artist. I have been creating birth, motherhood/parenthood, and other related artwork since 2010 (www.mandalajourney.com). Amy puts her BFA in Illustration to good use at [M]otherboard, creating many of the original medical illustrations you will see within the site.

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Tynan Szvetecz

Chief Technology Officer

Tynan is a lifelong technologist, entrepreneur, and trusted advisor. His leadership in healthcare technology has been anchored over the last fourteen years in the technology consultancy he founded, Commerce Kitchen, which builds lean mobile and web-based software in Digital Health. The technology group has won multiple awards under Tynan’s leadership, and has supported innovative new healthcare platforms for Allscripts, DaVita, The University of Texas Medical Branch, Stallergenes Greer, and US Oncology. In order to bring sustainable technology innovation to these world-class organizations, Tynan has focused on building a cross-functional and dynamic partner ecosystem that enables delivering progressive technology at speed. This partner ecosystem now fuels the digital health venture studio, Firepoint Studios, which Tynan is a founding partner of. Its capabilities span executive strategy & forecasting, business model development, agile change management, innovation readiness, HIPAA secure cloud-based platform development, and solution distribution.

Tynan is also an advisor to startups in San Francisco, CA, Denver, CO, and beyond, looking to interface with larger healthcare systems either as customers or partners. He advises startups through Boomtown and Innosphere in Colorado, and serves as a delegate for the Aspen Institute in its efforts to build startup cultures and innovation hubs in developing countries around the world.

Through it all, Tynan aims to bring innovation in quality of care, cost-containment, and quality of life to the clients and partners he works with. He is a passionate believer in teams and culture, and works side by side his teams to promote prosperity, employee autonomy, creative thinking, risk-taking, and the power of open communication.

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Pam Rossio

CNM, IBCLC, Cofounder and Head of Content

Pam has been attending families in the maternal/child world for 25 years.  She has experience as a labor/delivery nurse, a neonatal intensive care nurse, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and has been practicing for the last 13 years as a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM).  In her 20 years as an IBCLC, she has helped numerous families to have successful, enjoyable breastfeeding experience.  As a CNM, Pam has had the privilege of attending over 700 families during what she feels is one of the most sacred times of their lives, birth.

Empowering families to make informed choices has always been of utmost importance to Pam.  She is excited to be a part of the Motherboard adventure and help families have the information make informed choices.

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Andy Drogo

Founder and Chief Design Officer

Andy started his career in Boston as a Project Manager for a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. This experience gave him critical skills needed to manage Cross Functional Teams with Executive level visibility. During this work Andy often became frustrated with product usability and design. He used this as an opportunity to work with the Product Management team and set the foundation for his full-time move into product design.

In 2009 Andy jumped headfirst into product management and design for the first time. He had the incredible privilege of working with a small team to bring a brand-new product to market. On this team he worked as the Product Designer, Product Manager, and SCRUM Master. While an incredible challenge, they were successful in bringing a new product to market and helping to fuel his company’s launch to a successful IPO.

In 2011 the company opened a new office space that focused on selling and servicing Andy’s products. During this time he officially moved to a full time User Experience Designer role that allowed him to take ownership of all products at his company.

2013 was the year Andy and Jen had their first daughter. Andy created the first [M]otherboard, hoping it would help them communicate with staff and stand out from the crowd. The nurses were really excited about it when they checked in to the hospital. Jen was an absolute rockstar and Amy supported them through the process as their doula. Andy and Amy feel fortunate to have forged that initial connection and are excited to continue working together to improve both [M]otherboard and our maternity system.

In 2015 Andy moved back into an R&D role with an eye to the future. He is excited to be working on [M]otherboard and believe it has great ramifications in improving healthcare. 




What is the timeline for [M]otherboard?


November 5, 2018

Parent content launched

January 1, 2019

Partner and Affiliate programs launched

January - June 2019

Raise funds to build Phase 2 development (integrations for hospitals and providers) 

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What are [M]otherboard’s different customers?

What services are offered?

  • Free content - All the birth topics currently accessible to everyone.

  • Parents - Memberships to create a Motherboard and collaborate with care team (price varies by use).

  • Educators and Health Professionals - Licenses for Educator Bundles, Affiliate and Partner Programs (price varies by use). Offerings focus on supporting birth workers and other health professionals. Tools include client memberships, professional collaboration, educational material, business promotion, and more.

  • Providers – Future development will focus on building dashboards for providers to better communicate with their patients and view birthing preferences prenatally and during birth.

  • Hospitals – Future development will focus on ability to bring up a family's Motherboard when they check in during labor.  Integrating [M]otherboard preferences and education on the floor to help families make decisions.

  • Insurance Companies – Future development to integrate [M]otherboard into their portals to give their customers access to Motherboard's content.

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How are [M]otherboard’s different services priced?

A detailed breakdown of Parent pricing can be found here.

A detailed breakdown of Professional memberships can be found here.

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Why can’t I choose more than 15 options for my [M]otherboard?

Studies have found that if parents have more than 15 options their satisfaction rates actually go down. Birth plans aren’t intended to be a laundry list contract of everything you want. They are meant to communicate your most important wishes. [M]otherboards get back to the heart of what birth “plans” were meant to be.

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What kinds of things are developers building next?

We are building dashboards for providers and hospitals to be able to securely message their patients, add feedback to our content, and bring up a family's Motherboard at the hospital when they check in in labor.  Provider buy-in is incredibly important to lasting, meaningful change.



“Motherboard Birth helps you simply create a visually appealing birth plan with tons of useful information about all of the options a pregnant person has for their birth, baby, and postpartum. The website is beautiful and has so many wonderful nuggets of information available. I highly recommend this site for easily building your birth plan.”

--Jessica Wilson, Birth Doula and Manager at Full Eclipse Birth Services

 “As a Birth Professional, I highly recommend Motherboard Birth! This website is packed full of evidence-based information, and very user-friendly birth planning tools. I cannot recommend this product enough to expectant parents and birth professionals alike.”

--Emily Houghton, Birth and Postpartum Doula at Hoosier Doula Network

 “Wow! This tool is fun to use and so gorgeous! I can't wait to recommend it to my clients and friends. I remember when Amy was talking about developing a visual birth plan, and she was so excited about this dream. It turned out even more gorgeous than I expected!”

--Jennifer Green, Certified Professional Midwife at Organic HomeBirth LLC

  “Extremely excited to see Motherboard. It's an amazing, easy to use and informative way for parents to be to set up and explore the details of their birth. Amy has thought of everything, links to additional resource, information to ensure parents are well informed, visual birth preferences to download and pregnancy week by week information. I LOVE it and I can't wait to see parents to be using it and to be referring them to it. LOVE IT!!!”

--Gemma Wilson, Owner and Director at Birthability - Central Coast Childbirth Education

 “I will be recommending Motherboard to all my future client's. Seriously, as a Childbirth Educator and Doula, if you absolutely cannot afford classes or support, use Motherboard. It goes over nearly everything I do in classes in great detail!”

--Kirsten Freeman, Owner and Doula at Three Little Birds Birth Services

 “An amazing resource with great information. Very helpful for planning a birth and knowing your options. Great job Amy Haderer. Thank you!”

--Beth Brownstein, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant at Beth Brownstein Lactation Support Services

 “I thoroughly enjoyed navigating this site and I truly believe that it'll be a great resource for my clients. I love how it offers evidence based information for individuals to gain a better idea of what their choices are and should be.”

--LaKisha McPike, Community Health Worker (CHW) at Family Care Health Centers

 “Fabulous resource! Awesome work creating an easy to use birth plan generator that thinks of everything so you don’t have to.”

--Cindy Maynard, Doula

 “I am so excited for Motherboard! This resource is an amazing, easy, informative way for parents-to-be to learn about their options and communicate them with all on their team. I got a chance to preview the site and it is beautiful <3 So much thought and effort has gone into this to present the information in an evidence-based, unbiased manner that empowers each person to be involved and informed in their care. I am so excited to use it myself and recommend it to my clients.”

--Kat Roberts, Childbirth Educator at GentleBirth and Doula

 “I am so impressed by the site! I’m due in a few months and was so excited to try it out early enough to help with my birth plan. It was beautiful and easy to use! So much good info about topics I hadn’t even thought about yet. Thank you!”

--Bethany Jaeckle, Expectant Parent

 “I am super excited about this project! As a doula, it is a powerful tool to help my clients in their self-education and decision making. The content is thorough, well researched and beautifully presented. Thank you Amy!”

--Sarah Emily Allen, Doula




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