Loved all the information including the risks & benefits to all the options. It really helped me as an expecting mom focus on what is important to me and gave me different perspectives on what else is being done. As a CNM I would definitely recommend this to my patients as a guide to their birth plan so that they can help themselves, and advocate for the birth they desire.
— Holly Kifer, CNM
Easy to navigate, really good thorough information & beautiful site!
— Katie Danielson
I love that it dives into every aspect of each birth option. Medical and natural. [M]otherboard goes into detail about each choice and gives pros and cons for everything. It takes the major work out of basic research which makes it more user friendly
— Kyle Dalton
I love the ease of navigation, and all the resources linked on each page. Lots of education. I liked that it automatically opened a new tab for me. Totally want to share it with the moms in my centering group who are due around the same time as me— mostly for the resources provided— the birth plan part is cool, too, but it’s the resources and the evidenced based stuff all in one place that is incredible!!
— Amanda O.
I loved everything. =) It is beautiful. Inclusive. Comprehensive, yet written in easy to understand language. Brilliant. I also like that sources were cited to add to credibility.
— Maggie Williams, Doula & Childbirth Educator
I love the educational aspect. Being able to learn about each option is amazing.
— Kim Borchert
This is a spectacular resource! Truly it is the most comprehensive birthing site I have seen, and I CANNOT wait to recommend it to my clients.
— C.T.
I am a Doula and usually when I do antenatal classes with my clients, the process of helping them formulate their birth plan is made up of bits and pieces of information and resources. I LOVE that everything is in one place here: pictures, information about risks and benefits, extra resources. It is so easy - to - use and bright and colourful. It is indispensable for Doulas!!!
— Zaahida Joel - Certified WOMBS Birth Doula and ICEA Childbirth Educator in Training
Incredible content- so much amazing information. This would have been so great to have during my two pregnancies. For the cost of a book you get much more customizable and share-able information. Will definitely be sharing with families I work with and any future pregnancies.
— Nicole Johnson
I’m impressed with how well [M]otherboard simplifies birth planning, decision-making & helping busy and overwhelmed parents feel more confident during pregnancy. It’s easy to see all the choices families face, the options, and the pros and cons of each. Everything was well-researched and has links to learn more. [M]otherboard is a resource I will recommend to friends and clients alike.
— -Lauren McClain, CBE, BBCI
I loved the evidence based info provided, the easy to decipher icons, mobile friendliness, trans issues are represented & the clean finished product!
— Jillian Hand
Very user friendly. Non-biased fact based information. Wonderful educational resource. I would trust the information my clients get from this site. I don’t always say that.
— Heather Prestridge, Administrative Director Seasons Midwifery & Birth Center
It was easy to use. It kind of reminded me of TurboTax, but not in a scary IRS kind of way. The way that you go topic by topic and present information then ask simple questions to determine what someone wants. I also appreciate that the information is mostly unbiased, and that you present both sides with risks and benefits. It can be hard not to impose one’s own beliefs into their projects, and I think you did a good job.
— Amanda, Doula
It is easy to use, very visual, has ALL types of resources, beautiful photography and amazing art by Amy. Everything at your hand!!
— Naza O-Bel
I love that it walks you through each choice. It isn’t just THIS or THAT - it gives me non biased info on THIS and THAT for me to choose.
— Anon
Such a great idea and beautiful design. Provides a lot of information and encourages thought about how a family wishes to approach their birthing time. Easy to use and navigate.
— Anon
I really appreciate the amount of research and evidence-based options that were presented on [M]otherboard. Alternatives were outlined clearly and presented at a level which informed readers of all levels of understanding could grasp.
— Dr. Shari Long Romero, DNP, CNM, CPC, CPRC
All of the evidence based information helped me thoroughly think through my decisions for each option.
— Natalie Eagan, Postpartum Doula
Educational, colorful, easy to use. I appreciate that there was no bias in sharing information with the pros and cons of each procedure/intervention.
— Sierra S.