“Motherboard Birth helps you simply create a visually appealing birth plan with tons of useful information about all of the options a pregnant person has for their birth, baby, and postpartum. The website is beautiful and has so many wonderful nuggets of information available. I highly recommend this site for easily building your birth plan.”

--Jessica Wilson, Birth Doula and Manager at Full Eclipse Birth Services

 “As a Birth Professional, I highly recommend Motherboard Birth! This website is packed full of evidence-based information, and very user-friendly birth planning tools. I cannot recommend this product enough to expectant parents and birth professionals alike.”

--Emily Houghton, Birth and Postpartum Doula at Hoosier Doula Network

 “Wow! This tool is fun to use and so gorgeous! I can't wait to recommend it to my clients and friends. I remember when Amy was talking about developing a visual birth plan, and she was so excited about this dream. It turned out even more gorgeous than I expected!”

--Jennifer Green, Certified Professional Midwife at Organic HomeBirth LLC

  “Extremely excited to see Motherboard. It's an amazing, easy to use and informative way for parents to be to set up and explore the details of their birth. Amy has thought of everything, links to additional resource, information to ensure parents are well informed, visual birth preferences to download and pregnancy week by week information. I LOVE it and I can't wait to see parents to be using it and to be referring them to it. LOVE IT!!!”

--Gemma Wilson, Owner and Director at Birthability - Central Coast Childbirth Education

 “I will be recommending Motherboard to all my future client's. Seriously, as a Childbirth Educator and Doula, if you absolutely cannot afford classes or support, use Motherboard. It goes over nearly everything I do in classes in great detail!”

--Kirsten Freeman, Owner and Doula at Three Little Birds Birth Services

 “An amazing resource with great information. Very helpful for planning a birth and knowing your options. Great job Amy Haderer. Thank you!”

--Beth Brownstein, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant at Beth Brownstein Lactation Support Services

 “I thoroughly enjoyed navigating this site and I truly believe that it'll be a great resource for my clients. I love how it offers evidence based information for individuals to gain a better idea of what their choices are and should be.”

--LaKisha McPike, Community Health Worker (CHW) at Family Care Health Centers

 “Fabulous resource! Awesome work creating an easy to use birth plan generator that thinks of everything so you don’t have to.”

--Cindy Maynard, Doula

 “I am so excited for Motherboard! This resource is an amazing, easy, informative way for parents-to-be to learn about their options and communicate them with all on their team. I got a chance to preview the site and it is beautiful <3 So much thought and effort has gone into this to present the information in an evidence-based, unbiased manner that empowers each person to be involved and informed in their care. I am so excited to use it myself and recommend it to my clients.”

--Kat Roberts, Childbirth Educator at GentleBirth and Doula

 “I am so impressed by the site! I’m due in a few months and was so excited to try it out early enough to help with my birth plan. It was beautiful and easy to use! So much good info about topics I hadn’t even thought about yet. Thank you!”

--Bethany Jaeckle, Expectant Parent

 “I am super excited about this project! As a doula, it is a powerful tool to help my clients in their self-education and decision making. The content is thorough, well researched and beautifully presented. Thank you Amy!”

--Sarah Emily Allen, Doula