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New Families are our Heart and Soul

Creating a family can be one of the most intimate experiences of your lifetime.  We believe that how you are treated during your birth directly impacts who you become as a parent and how you handle that new role.

Amy - Over the past ten years, I’ve witnessed hundreds of births.  I have a deep passion for educating and empowering families to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, whatever that may be.  Birth is so much more than just a medical event.  I believe that to make birth safer and more humane, we need to open our hearts and minds to what parents have to say and what’s important to them.

On our website, learn how to rock your birth by finding out what options are available to you and the pros/cons of each.  Start early!  Many of the decisions (such as your care provider and where to have your baby) are harder to switch later on!

Not ‘yo mama’s birth plan

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Calling Your Birth Team Around You 

[M]otherboard is the only place you can turn what you’ve learned into something beautiful that helps you communicate with your care team.  We will help you create a personalized “[M]otherboard” (aka your graphic “birth plan”) to streamline how you communicate your preferences so your voice is heard.

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Our Story


Amy - Birthing my three daughters ignited my passion for birth.  I wanted to help parents become less fearful about the birth process and feel completely supported throughout, so I became a doula.  There is nothing quite like witnessing a new human come into being.  It’s magic in a way that can’t be properly described.

Through my doula work I’ve had the privilege to support families in all sorts of situations:  hospitals, birth centers, home births, with midwives and doctors, water births, VBACs, cesareans… I often saw parents struggling to have their needs understood in a complex and hierarchical hospital system.

I met Andy in 2013 when he and his partner Jen hired me to be their doula for their first birth.  Andy, a graphic designer, created the first [M]otherboard for his own birth.  The hospital staff was instantly thrilled!  Finally, a way to take in a family’s birth preferences in a bright, easy way!  We knew we were onto something.

Though it’s been several years of ups and downs, we are now in the final stages of contracting with an amazing health tech development firm to bring [M]otherboard to life!  We hope to be launching an early version in July/August of 2018 and a full version November/December, 2018.  If you would like to be one of the first to test drive the site, please sign up below!

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