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[M]otherboard birth was launched with the goal to improve maternity care and reduce disparity through education, collaboration, and communication between parents and their care teams. The United States ranks dead last in the developed world in terms of maternal mortality. [M]otherboard’s platform contains succinct, evidence-based information surrounding common choices and procedures during the childbirth experience. Users will then be able to create a personalized [M]otherboard—a graphics based, one-page sheet of their top 15 birth preferences to share with their care team. 

Parents tend to be woefully unprepared for birth because it is hard to find easy-to-read, evidence-based, non-judgmental education that lays out birth options in a non-biased way. Furthermore, how parents communicate their preferences (birth plans) are poorly received by care teams because they are deemed too rigid, too demanding, and unrealistic. Parents often feel frustrated and unheard. 

[M]otherboard has created 70 evidence-based topics surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth, cesarean birth, the immediate postpartum, and common infant medications. This information flows from general to more specific details. Parents can decide when they’re “full” and ready to make decisions on that topic. Each section includes a benefits/risks section, as well as resources and other links. The resulting output is a beautiful and concise [M]otherboard. 

“Motherboard Birth helps you simply create a visually appealing birth plan with tons of useful information about all of the options a pregnant person has for their birth, baby, and postpartum. The website is beautiful and has so many wonderful nuggets of information available. I highly recommend this site for easily building your birth plan.”

--Jessica Wilson, Birth Doula and Manager at Full Eclipse Birth Services

 In addition, [M]otherboard offers Affiliate and Partner programs focusing on supporting birth workers and other health professionals. Tools include client memberships, professional collaboration, educational material, business promotion, and more.

Amy Haderer has been working on bringing [M]otherboard birth to the world since 2014. Her goal has always been to improve the birth experience for all birthing persons—regardless of race, identity, or income. To do this, [M]otherborad will improve the birth experience for providers and parents alike through use of its platform. [M]otherboard birth is going to create stronger, more bonded families and that is the foundation of a compassionate society. For more information visit motherboardbirth.com.