Interviewing Doulas

Interviewing Doulas


Who doesn’t need a guide during birth? Use these questions to guide your decision and find the right doula for you.

Studies Show that Doulas:

  • Reduced the overall cesarean rate by 50%

  • Reduced the length of labor by 25%

  • Reduced pitocin use by 40%

  • Reduced the use of pain medication by 30%

  • Reduced forceps deliveries by 40%

  • Reduced requests for epidural pain medication by 60%

  • Reduced incidences of fever for the birthing person

  • Reduced the number of days newborns spent in NICU (neo-natal infant care unit)

  • Reduced the amount of septic workups performed on newborns

  • Resulted in higher rates of breastfeeding

  • Resulted in more positive assessments of confidence

  • Resulted in more positive assessments of health for both the birthing person and the baby

  • Resulted in decreased rates of postpartum depression

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