Print - Week 35

Print - Week 35



If your baby is male, the testicles have probably fully descended. If your baby is female her clitoris is fully formed.

If you have a boy you are also faced with the decision to either leave your son intact or perform a circumcision. A circumcision is a cosmetic procedure that peels back your baby's foreskin (which is attached to the head of the penis with the same tissue that attaches your fingers to your fingernails) then cuts it off. The forskin has many sexual and protective functions. It protects the head of the penis, keeping it soft and lubricated, and has more nerve endings than in the entire penis. There is also an issue of consent since a newborn can't decide what's best for them. Should a person, male or female, have a say in what happens to their body and what their body looks like if the situation is not life-threatening?

For more information check out our Circumcision section.

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